Check template on your mobile

Hammer has been optimized for performance and runs elements of its code depending on which device it is displayed on. Thanks to this improvement, the store loads faster and works more efficiently. If you want to check how Hammer works on a mobile device, use a physical device. Do not scale the browser window - this may lead to misleading conclusions.

Scan this QR code with your phone and see how Hammer works on mobile devices.

Mobility Design - a mobile store like your customers

The Hammer template actively detects what type of device the customer is using and adapts to it. You can be sure that the store will "fit" on your customer's smartphone. We have also added a few solutions that will make mobile shopping in your store even more enjoyable.

  • Improved menu in the header - the customer will get to even the deepest subcategory.
  • Double row product list. The list of products is displayed in two rows (columns), which makes browsing through long lists much more pleasant. For even greater comfort of browsing product lists, we recommend the Endless Product List application.
  • The option of extending the right and left columns of the store - the customer does not lose access to the content posted in these places.
  • Product images are scaled proportionately (width and height scale) while adapting to device resolution.
  • Active phone number and e-mail address - after touching the phone number, the number to make the call will be selected.

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